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If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at a DOD Superfund Site please follow the steps that are outlined at Get Help.

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  1. A link to this was just posted on the Hickam Pesticide Awareness page. The page was started because there are dozens of families that are sick some have even been relocated back to the Mainland due to the lack of medical toxicologists on the island and the families exposure causes a need to be seen and treated by one. Our family was one such family, we along with other families have been relocated after we were exposed to pesticides living in Hickam Communities housing. We were granted the housing under the assumption it was safe, but multiple medical issues and air quality tests later that proved the presence of pesticides in the indoor air of the home, we were send to VA to be treated because they could no longer meet the families medical needs. https://www.facebook.com/Ssenerawa/

    We are even thought we are no longer there still supporting the efforts for community awareness and building the awareness pushing to have Hickam Communities be required to provide full disclosure of the magnitude of the contamination in their housing areas as well as the risks involved in accepting a home there. Military members and their families deserve to know the risks that they may be taking before signing a lease.

    We were there for 5 years with our family members medical issues beginning about 1-1.5 years after moving there, with medical documentation showing they were healthy with no medical issues prior to moving to Hawaii into base housing. I hope others there read your story and help take on the challenge to protect past/current and future families from suffering the same fate.

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