Treasure Island Naval Station, CA

Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex – San Francisco, CA

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
EPA #: CA1170090087
State: California(CA)
County: San Francisco
City: San Francisco
Congressional District: 08
Other Names: Treasure Island Hunters Point Annex Triple A Shipyard-Hunters Point Division Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
NPL Listing History – Superfund
NPL Status: Currently on the Final NPL
Proposed Date: 07/14/89
Final Date: 11/21/89
Deleted Date:


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  1. I wasn’t a base/military resident but was a civilian resident on Treasure island from 2006-2009 during which time I became pregnant and had a son born with a half a heart and an unusual cardiovascular that baffled even the pediatric cardiologists. During that time my dog and a good friend both died of cancer. People are dying because of this island even today, people need to be warned.

  2. Debra-ann, I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced. My family lived on Naval Station Treasure Island in the 1980’s. I developed a couple of serious conditions that I believe are tied to the exposure of radioactive materials, Chemicals and heavy metals. I’m just beginning my search on what action needs to be taken. I agree- people should be warned. Thank you

  3. i lived on the base when it was still military. I was there from 1991-1993. I suffered from sickness while there. nothing detrimental to what they are experiencing now. I am trying to find friends that i went to school with there to reconnect and find out if they have had any health issues that may be linked to this (as I think my health issues have something to do with having lived there) i just found out recently about this and neither of my parents (my dad was in the navy for 20 years hence why we were stationed there) were notified or even knew about this. has anyone tried going to the big news station like msnbc or cnn or fox to get this out there so many of us who don’t live int he area can finally be told of what is going on there and how it may affect us? I’m on the hunt and I want to get to the bottom of this not just for my own self but for the many other military families and civilians living there

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